Helping people with similar interests, passions and values, to connect, enjoy and grow, through real-life events in Malta.


To develop through real life events, a number of valuable and synergic communities of like minded people.



Human connection is the fabric that weaves our lives together, nurturing our well-being, igniting creativity, and sparking joy. When we engage in meaningful relationships, the potential for greatness knows no bounds. Yet, when isolated, our spirits dim, and progress stumbles.

In our modern landscape, various barriers hinder this fundamental need for connection. Our societal shift towards individualism fosters solitude rather than solidarity. While social media promises connectivity, it often erodes our social skills, ensnares us in trivialities, and maintains a veil of distance between us. This sense of disconnection is particularly palpable in Malta, a vibrant melting pot where 20% of the populace are expatriates, constantly navigating the ebb and flow of transitions.

Enter ConnectionVille: our humble endeavor to bridge these gaps. Through our communities and events, we aspire to rekindle the essence of true connection. We are committed to creating spaces where individuals can converge, share, and flourish together. In the heart of Malta, ConnectionVille is not just about events; it’s about crafting a sanctuary where every soul can find a haven for genuine bonds and collective growth. Join us in weaving a tapestry of togetherness, where each thread strengthens the whole, and together, we redefine the art of community.

Do you share the same ideals? Are you thinking of joining our team? Do you think you can contribute to it in any other way?