Helping people with similar interests, passions and values, to connect, enjoy and grow, through real-life events in Malta.


To develop through real life events, a number of valuable and synergic communities of like minded people.



We, people, are made to socialize, bond, form communities. Once we do, we tend to feel well, we can create astonishing things and the magic happen. Once we do not, we feel bad and hardly we can progress in anything meaningful in life.

Nevertheless, from our observations there are various obstacles to the satsifaction of such a basic and simlpe need. Generally speaking, our social context has made us more individualistic, separated and alone. Social media aim to connect us, but in truth they decrease our social skills, distract us with the unimportant and keep us distant. Not  to mention the effects that Covid-19 had on most of us through various angles. This needs seems even more relevant if we look into Malta, where roughly 20% of the population is foreign and its turnover is significant.

With ConnectionVille, with our communities and with our events, we humbly aim at offering some options to partly solve this problem in Malta. 

Do you share the same ideals? Are you thinking of joining our team? Do you think you can contribute to it in any other way?