Glen Smith

Glen Smith is an environmental advocate specializing in tackling the global plastic crisis. He’s engaged in developing technologies to reduce plastic waste and collaborates on solutions with significant impact. Glen emphasizes practical actions for individuals and businesses to aid sustainability efforts, showcasing both current achievements and future initiatives.

Gordhan Mohnani

Gordhan Gilbert Mohnani is an experienced marketer, founder of CorporateGiftsMalta, specializing in high-quality promotional merchandise solutions. Known for his networking passion, Gordhan has attended over 200 conferences, continuously enhancing his business and networking skills.

Sven Nordengen

Sven Nordengren, with 25 years in applied AI, shared insights on its lasting impact and competitive strategies for businesses. His discussions covered enhancing profits, driving growth, and leveraging AI in marketing and operational models.

Ken Attard

Ken Attard delved into mindset mastery in a compelling presentation titled “Mindset Choice.” He explored the critical themes of focus, consistency, and emotional control, offering transformative insights for personal and professional growth.


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